For over two decades the Lord has been stirring in our hearts to establish a work of healing, community, hospitality, and creativity. The vision for Terra Numa is to cultivate shalom (wholeness) in the way of Jesus – to be His peacemakers and shalom bringers – to translate the good news of God’s kingdom into the everyday experience of farm, family, and community life.

We are currently looking for a farm property to establish this ministry in the Bedford, Virginia area. Meanwhile we continue to lay the groundwork behind the scenes. Pray with us as we seek the Lord!


Life of Prayer

Abiding prayer is the sustaining foundation of a life lived in God. Adam and Eve walked in the cool of the day with God. Jesus would often go to wild places alone to seek the Father. We too hear the call to ‘keep the fire on the altar burning’ through solo and communal rhythms of prayer.

Hospitality & Community

Jesus spent his days in generosity of heart – pouring out the Father’s love. He did this with an open hand, doing what He saw His Father doing. Over meals he would teach and heal and was cultivating a new understanding of what it meant to be the family of God.

Back to the Land

Though often overlooked by a modernist worldview – we all have a relationship with the land. Adam and Eve were given a mandate to care for and protect their little slice of God’s Creation and through sustainable agriculture and stewardship of wilderness we seek to do the same.

Prophetic Arts

God is first of all our Creator and being made in His image we have been gifted as culture makers. Jesus told stories (parables) to communicate what the kingdom of God is like and we believe that through the creative arts we can carry on this same kind of witness.

Our Story

From urban church planting to organic church, and [un]intentional Christian community, we have been experimenting with various forms of gospel living for many years. After exchanging the hectic pace of northern Virginia for rural farm life around 2008, we have been on a journey, along with our seven kids, to reimagine what following Jesus and living an intentional life really looks like. Terra Numa is the continuation of our heart to walk with Jesus as wounded healers in a time when the ministry of cultivating wholeness and connection is an undeniable call.

– Jason and Pam Fowler, and kids!