Soil + Spirit

Whole-life Pursuit of Jesus

Seeking His Kingdom

Learning to live in God’s economy

A Shared Life

Recovering a common witness

The Call

The Lord has placed in our hearts a call to recover a whole-life pursuit of Jesus and His kingdom, and to facilitate healing, renewal, and wholeness in the Body of Christ.  We believe this call is embodied in four key contexts: communion (prayer), creativity (culturemaking), community (deep relationships), and creation (farm and forest).


Jesus taught us to pray: ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in the heavens.’ Through prayer we fine tune our hearts to God’s. We believe in the necessity of purposeful prayer for a deep life with God, personally and collectively.


GOD made us in His image and likeness. Like Him, we are creators, each in our own way. We believe in the necessity of creativity, the arts, craft, and culturemaking to fully live into who God made us to be.


We live in a time of fractured families, relational isolation, and superficial connections. We believe community starts with hospitality and a willingness to enter into each other’s lives. Jesus called us to a shared life and a communal witness.


We are people of the soil. God formed us from the very ground. We believe our faith is to be lived out, not in the four walls of a building, but in the earth that God has made for us to steward. From the farm to the forest we believe God’s people are being called back to the land.

Reflections and News

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